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Enjoy all the adventures of Mickey and the Roadster Racer, Racing the World in one colorful book. See the rainbow of colors appear instantly like magic before your eyes. The Mickey and the Roadster Racer, Racing the World is full of colorful pages and pictures painted magically with the magic pen, hours of fun while learning, ideal for the car, travel, at home where hours of free time can be filled with fun learning. Made in The USA.

  • MAKES A GREAT PRESENT: See your little one amazed how the page become live with colors. The special pen produces a rainbow of colors instantly.
  • EASY EVEN FOR THE MOST LITTLE KIDS: Make them feel big adults as they can make perfect coloring.


  • ACTVITIES FOR EVERY DAY: Hours of fun and enjoyment. Rain or shine, in the car or at the beach, you can play them anywhere. Don't ever get bored.

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